5 KEY Benefits to Braiding Your Hair

Culturally, braids have meant so much to people all around the world.

From fish tale braids to Dutch braids, and even Cornrows, each style has developed out of a particular significance. In certain cultures intricate braiding techniques were used to show status and ranking, while in other cultures it was simply out of necessity and convenience. 

The braiding styles of the world are endless and so are all of the benefits! 

The next time you consider braiding your hair think of these potential benefits: 

It keeps your hair manageable while you sleep

We all know too well the troubles of waking up in the morning with "bead head", but what if you could wakeup in the morning with perfectly styled hair everyday? Lucky for you it's as simple as braiding your hair overnight! Whether you decide to rock your nighttime look all day or you choose to unravel your braids and rock voluminous wavy hair, just knowing that your tresses wont be a frizzy rats nest every time you wakeup is comforting! 

It locks in moisture

If you didn't know this already, braiding your hair is known as a "protective style". This allows your hair to maintain optimum hair health by protecting the end of your hair which are the oldest and usually the driest. After you wash you hair simply put it in a braid so that it dries more slowly and evenly. Even add a few drops of your favorite hair serum for an additional boost of moisture.

It prevents split ends & breakage

Like we mentioned before, protective styling is a HUGE part of maintaining healthy hair. By braiding your hair you limit its contact with the elements, as well as protecting it from potentially snagging on clothes, bags, chairs etc. 

It creates fun texture to your natural hair pattern

First things first, we want you all to know that whatever hair type or texture you naturally have is beautiful! It's imperative that we all learn to love aspects of ourselves that make us authentically and uniquely US. That being said.... its hard not to think that the "grass is greener on the other side", which is why playing with hair texture can be so fun! It's incredible how similar, yet how different we all can look just by simply changing our hair. The amazing thing about braids is how beautiful it leaves your hair once you take them out (it becomes a whole new hairstyle on its own)! From tighter braids to looser braids the variety of wave patterns become endless. 

It cuts down on detangling

If you aren't a fan of taming your tresses then you definitely need to get into braiding your hair. On the front end it may seem like a hassle over simply washing it and letting it be, but, if you keep your hair braided fr several days than it's well worth the effort! Even when you do take your braids out, your hair is likely to still be more manageable while wavy than it would be if you just let it be. 

We hope these tips, tricks, and inspiring pics give you the confidence to try out new braiding styles that not only add to your unique personality but also help protect your hair and retain your length! If you loved this article then share it with your communities on: Facebook/Twitter/Pinterest, and while you're at it, save a few of your favorite images back to your Pinterest boards for safe keeping. Leave a comment and let us know what useful tip you started to incorporate into your routine and how it's help you!  

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