Halo Eyes | Tutorial and Inspiration

Even if you aren't an angel these halo eyes would look perfect on you!

As beauty gurus have made achieving makeup looks more accessible its amazing to see all the techniques one can acquire! 

In fashion and beauty "styles" are cyclical and its not far fetched to see a classic silhouette/technique reemerge. In makeup this always comes with slight variations based on face shape, eye shape, and innovation in tools/products. 

For example: for those of you that can recall the 60's "Mod" movement, it's hard to forget the distinctly graphic liner used like a modern day cut-crease to shape the eyes. 

Though the overall look is quite similar, peoples abilities to do makeup well has improved and with that comes; impeccable precision and blending techniques. 

Shortly after the cut crease wave came into play the "halo eye" effect made its emergence! 

This style incorporated the distinct definition of a cut-crease while still maintaining the softness of a blown out eyeshadow look and thus the "halo eye" was born. 

below is a curated list of some of our favorite halo eye inspirations + tips on how to recreate the look for yourself. Be sure to read to the end and watch a full tutorial breaking down the halo eye into 3 easy steps.

Scroll through the article save a few images back to your Pinterest board for safe keeping and share with your best friend because thats what besties do!

In 3 easy steps we'll explain to you how to recreate the halo eyeshadow look yourself: 

*note all eyeshadow looks should start with a base/primer to ensure a long lasting wear*

1. Choose a transition shade: 

Whether you decide to recreate this eyeshadow look in vibrant colors or in more neutral tones it's important to select a transition shade that is dark enough for you to create structure and use the outline as a roadmap, while still being light enough to blend out completely. This transition shade is what sets the tone for how the look begins and ends as it is often the color used to buff the lines so they aren't so harsh. 

2. Deepen the Corners: 

Take a color that is deeper than your transition shade and place this in both the inner and outer corners of your eye, to create dimension. Be sure to build the color lightly and blend the color into your transition shade to have a seamless finish. 

3. Use a lighter Shade in the center of your lid: 

it doesn't matter if you recreate this look with shimmer or matte but, to get the full "halo eye" effect you do need to choose a lighter color in the center of your lid to make it the focal point and enhance the 3D effect.


Watch this amazing tutorial showing you these 3 steps & see just how easy it is to recreate this look for yourself!

We hoped you enjoyed this blog post and learned a new technique today that you can practice and apply to enhance your own makeup skills. If you liked this post be sure to share with your communities on: Facebook/Twitter/Pinterest. In the comment section below let us know your favorite way to wear eyeshadow and why! 

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