How to do a messy bun

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Messy buns are always a win when it comes to hair styles. For some reason when things or people look too perfect they can be off-putting  and stuffy! Now that we live in the era of social media where everyone is hyper-focused on presenting versions of themselves that don't seem attainable, we  need to embrace imperfections whole heartedly and why not start with our hair? 

Wearing a messy bun screams confidence! Embracing the "lumps and bumps" show that: 

1. you don't take yourself too seriously 

2. you're comfortable with how you present yourself no matter the occasion

3. you aren't incredibly high maintenance

all characteristics of someone who is clearly confident and owns their beauty no matter what.

The only problem with a messy bun is that ironically, it isn't exactly easy to replicate. 

Although the messy bun looks as if someone literally scrunched up their hair and left the house, in all actuality, there are several steps that need to be perfected in order to pull this look off effectively. 

Below we have listed some of our favorite messy bun styles as well as linking a tutorial on: how to do a "messy bun" like a pro! Take a look at this easy tutorial + save a few of your favorite looks to your Pinterest for safe keeping.




After watching this amazing tutorial, breaking down the various versions of the classic "messy bun" we hope this encourages you to give it a try yourself! In the comment section below let us know your favorite way to rock a messy bun and why. If you liked this blog post be sure to checkout more killer content and share with your community on: Facebook/Twitter/Pinterest

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