Jeffree Star & Shane Dawson Takeover?

The moment Shane Dawson revealed his series documentary on Jeffree Star everyone could see that the two had incredible chemistry.

Many people were amazed at the revelation behind the scenes; exposing the large operation that is required to run Jefferee Star Cosmetics. What was also brought to light was the truth about who Jeffree Star is, making him all that more relatible and someone that you could even empathize with. 

On the heals of an incredibly horrific scandal Jeffree had received tons of backlash based on his use of the "N" word as well as several other inflammitory videos exposing his politically incorrect humor regarding black stareotypes.

Although many people don't forgive Jeffree to this day for his checkered past. There is no doubt that the general response was overwhelmingly positive and like a Phoenix from the ashes Jeffree rose to extreme levels of popularity. Even weathering the storm through the 1st "Dramagedon"!

It was clear throughout the initial series that a second collab of sorts would be inevitable. However, many people only assumed Jeffree was joking when proposing the idea that he and Shane should collaborate on a makeup collection together! 

The fact that Shane Dawson (a person with no makeup background) was going to create a palette, seemed like a train wreck waiting to happen.

What no one was expecting was the incredible amount of effort, detail, and creativity Shane added to the process! He stepped up to the challenge and was fully engulfed by the beauty world as a result.  

The moment the trailer was released the internet went into a frenzy! Speculations about what would be revealed and to what degree was all that people could think about. Not only was there behind the scenes clips of the creative & production process but, seeing as the whole palette was conceived during the most epic Youtube war ever, naturally, there were clips documenting everyones reactions in real time..... 

Based on the initial trailer, all that people really cared about was what REALLY happened during Dramagedon 2 and what was everyones true role in the catastrophe that nearly ended James Charles' career. However, the speculated 9 episode series was cut short abruptly and what we ended up getting was "cold tea" if that at all! 

 As much as it was interesting to see all that goes into creating a makeup collection, that's not what was promised!  Many people began to criticize Shane's project heavily as it became clear that the narrative had since changed. 

"Was this all just a genius marketing ploy to begin with?"

It was hard to believe that we had all been bamboozled but in some ways it was true... The campaign was amazing but, the "documentary" lost artistic integrity and in many ways so did Shane. 

Although he made millions and learned his self-worth in the process of collaborating with Jefferee Star, people could see that there was no pure integrity behind his M.O. 

This wasn't about making a work of art that's purpose was to create dialogue around the toxicity in the beauty community, this was entirely about conveniently spinning a narrative to both sell more products, and also minimize the the perceived impact that Jefferee Starr had in attempting to take down other beauty gugrus.

Although most people were unpleasantly underwhelmed by the series, it was incredibly interesting to see the impact of such a non-traditional marketing route. It's makes me curious to see if any other brands will attempt making a series of their own, documenting the behind the scenes process and sharing it openly with fans! 

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