Kylie Jenner Makeup Inspiration for Dummies

So you want to learn how to look like a KarJenner!

Honestly, in most cases we don't blame you. It seems like all the sisters have gone through their "glow up" phase but none was like Kylie Jenner's! From the moment she started to over line her lips people were fascinated by her aesthetic and going to great lengths (in some cases even dangerous lengths) to recreate her fashion and makeup. 

These days the worlds youngest "self-made" billionaire has switched up her everyday look with less crazy colored wigs and outfits, and has been serving a much more laidback "cool mom" vibe. 

The one thing that remains the same is the magic of her glam squad! 

Though it appears the Kardashian's use their glam squads interchangeably its clear that Kylie has chosen her favorite amongst the lot and @makeupbyariel NEVER disappoints. 

So many of Kylie Jenners best looks have come from Ariel's expertise and we can see why he is constantly chosen to do her makeup for both everyday looks and ad campaigns like her most recent collaboration with Balmain

Below is a list of some of the BEST Kylie Jenner makeup looks we've ever seen + a couple key pointers and on must-haves to recreate this aesthetic! Scroll through, save a few to your Pinterest page, and in the comment section below, let us know which makeup look was your favorite!

1. Full coverage foundation

Full coverage foundation is not for everyone but, it does wonders in front of a camera! When you know you're going to be photographed it's important to ensure that your skin looks flawless at every angle. Although this may not be practical for most people's everyday life, it is something to consider on those special occasions. Kylie on the other hand, is constantly hounded by paparazzi and since her image is her brand it makes sense that she attempts to look put together most of the time. 


2. Nude Lips

Nude lips are the equivalent to the classic "little black dress". It's always in fashion and it always goes perfect with anything. Kylie and her sisters know this all too well and 9 times out of 10 you can expect these girls to rock a basic nude lip with anything from a Yeezy sweatsuit to an Alexander Wang  ensemble.

3. Wispy Lashes

The Karjenners are the queens of fabulous falsies! In 2015 The New York Times interviewed Kylie about her skincare and makeup routine and she said this: 

"For my lashes, I like to go to CVS and explore all the falsies. I used to be obsessed with heavy lashes, but now I just want to find something super clean and light. I like the Wispies ones."

4. Arched Brows

In fashion, it is amazing how makeup aesthetic changes as the trends do. In the 1920's and 1990's thin brows were "IT"! In many cases women waxed and plucked their brows to the point of no return and we are happy to see that trend has long since vanished. The idea that full brows are attractive is a more comfortable aesthetic that requires less invasive maintenance and really adds structure to the ones face. Kylie's signature full arched brow compliments her bone structure and adds to her simple eyeshadow looks. 

5. Playful Pastels

Although Kylie is usually seen wearing more neutral eyeshadows, she does know how to spice it up at times. Paring soft, blown out, pastels with nude lips never fails + it gives you the right amount of vibrancy while still remaining subtle. These types of eyeshadow looks are always a great place to pull inspiration for spring and summer. 


It's undeniable that Kylie and her sisters have had a huge impact on the direction that has been taken when it comes to beauty standards  on a global scale, and it can be argued that this impact can come with both positive and negative implications. On one end we have seen tons of young girls feel a need to literally "keep up with the Kardashians" and on another end it has allowed more women to feel confident in their own beauty transformations. 

At the end of the day we hope that this article gives you an idea of how to simplify the Kylie Jenner makeup aesthetic so that you can recreate some of these looks for yourself! In the comment section below let us know your favorite Kylie Jenner makeup look and if you liked this article be sure to share it with your community on: Facebook/Twitter/Pinterest. <3 Below you can find a variety of incredible articles to give you killer inspiration while you shop the store for makeup and so much more! 

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