The Best Natural Makeup Looks of All Time

"No Makeup" makeup looks are always the best! 

I always find it funny when men harp on about how much they detest women wearing makeup! Whenever I hear these types of conversations amongst "the boys" I can't help myself but to ask for an example of someone they consider a "natural beauty". 
These type of questions are usually met with a barrage of high profile celebrity crushes like: Kim Kardashian, J.Lo, Beyonce, and so on.... Anytime I hear these names I can't help but chuckle inside, knowing that all these women (even Alicia Keys the self-proclaimed leader of the "no makeup" movement) are heavily CAKED in makeup from head to two! 
The real art is the ability to make that much makeup look effortless and THAT is where celebrity makeup artists and beauty gurus step in, to make their mark.
After spending many years exploring and understanding the world of beauty I have come to recognize that to master a natural makeup look, one must really master the art of subtlety! 
With makeup it almost seems as though you are one brush stroke away from being too "heavy handed", and that type of pressure can really make or break a look.

Below we have curated a list of incredible natural makeup looks that will inspire you to take a more subtle approach to your everyday routine.

Try these 7 simple tips and transform your makeup anywhere with ease + take a look at this in depth tutorial by Christen Dominique for more inspiration.


1. Mascara Primer: is without a doubt one of the most underrated makeup products of all time! This innovation in makeup is one that people hardly consider, possibly because it seems almost gimmicky in ways.... but, unlike other makeup primers that only hold product in place, mascara primer coats each lash providing both additional length and volume to your natural lashes before adding mascara. This effect gives you that extra emphasis on your eyes without having to add false lashes or lash extensions (which will easily over power a natural makeup look).

2. Lip Gloss: is an absolute must-have when it comes to effortless makeup. Anything ranging from clear - sheer tint is appropriate! *optional* Don’t hesitate to get creative and try a “glossy lid” eye look ;)
3. Cream blush: is another underrated beauty product for sure! Besides being extremely easy to apply, there is something about the way cream blush sits on your skin that looks different. In fact, cream blush doesn’t just sit on your skin, it almost has a way of appearing to come from within! This gorgeous effect perfectly mimics the natural flush and warms up the skin impeccably.


4. Liquid highlighter: never fails to bring the dew effect in abundance. What I love most about liquid highlighter is the versatility! Unlike traditional pressed powder highlighters, these liquid formulations can be applied both over and under foundation to offer variations of dewiness. You can even apply it directly to the surface of the skin for an even more subtle glow all over your body (almost like Fenty Beauty’s Body Lava)!

5. Moisturizer: should be incorporated into your daily skincare routine as it is but, when it comes to rocking a “no makeup” makeup look flawless skin is paramount! Because effortless glam is what we are trying to achieve, making sure that your skin is prepped for makeup is major, and can directly affect the overall outcome. Make sure your skin looks and feels hydrated before you begin to execute you look.


6. Brow Powder: is not as commonly talked about, but makes a huge difference when implemented. It’s true that a good brow can really complete your makeup look and something on the softer side would be most appropriate. Pomades and brow pencils serve their purpose but it's very easy to become heavy handed. If you have lighter hair, try a brow power at least one shade darker than your natural hair, and if you have darker hair, try a brow powder at least one shade lighter than your natural color. *Never use black as an eyebrow color… it will always be too harsh.*


7. Nude Lipstick: is a great alternative to lip gloss and can really enhance a natural makeup look as well! When looking for the best nude for you, consider your general undertone, and strive to match your true lip color for a “your lips but better” nude lipstick. *opt for a more cream/satin finishes… matte lipstick may look to harsh.*


We hope all of these natural makeup looks bring you inspiration for an everyday glam that's always effortless. From dewy skin to glossy lips, we know your recreations will give you that fresh youthfulness that we all strive for <3 Did you learn any NEW makeup techniques from watching Christen Dominique; did you find any of these 5 Holy Grail tips useful? If so, leave a comment below to share what you learned! How much did you love this blog post? Let us know by sharing it with your community on: Facebook/Twitter/Pinterest and checkout more blog posts for killer inspiration. 

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