What We Learned from Kylie Jenner's Office Tour

Your Jaw Will Drop When You See The Size of Kylie Jenner's Headquarters! 

From the moment the glossy double doors swing open, you can't help but to feel engulfed by the coziness of the pinkly accented lobby. 

immediately you're confronted by a beaming neon sign. The glowing pink block letters spelling out her name, emit an energy that can only be described as exhilarating. "KYLIE",  the sign announces, that's who owns this place... just in case you were wondering. 

While she points to key design elements nonchalantly, it's hard not to think that just 4 years ago this 22 year old was launching her brand! 

As Kylie lures you down the hallway and into the vast common space, you begin to realize just how large of a production this billion dollar company is.

She turns to a few tables displaying her family and her covers of magazines, and then to a vibrant gradient wall displaying every Kylie lip kit color available. As she shares opinions about finding ways to use herself and her products as pieces of art you cant help but to notice how she humbly relishes her accomplishments. 


"Welcome to my crib" she says playfully while opening a fully stocked company refrigerator. 

One can't help but notice the stark similarities of Kylie's office tour, other beauty gurus and their home tours, and the classic MTV cribs experience (which would not be complete without a full view of what's in the fridge). 

As Youtube becomes the new media of consumption we have slowly began to see an eclipse of the typical celebrity.

There was once a time when the power of a celebrity endorsement meant something. Nowadays brands understand fully that if they want their products to sell they need to be vetted by a YouTuber with a presence. 

YouTube gives people an opportunity to have a closer/more personal relationship with their fans. There is something more relatable to a person who has taken the time to develop their own content vs. watching a full T.V. production. 

This largely explains the success of people like Jeffree Star & James Charles, but it also begins to explain the motives behind Kylie Jenner. 

Kylie's largest asset is her celebrity in the age of social media. 

She was the true QUEEN of Snapchat. For years she dominated, sharing quick clips of her extravagant lifestyle, shot from the best angles. Everything was perfect until Instagram added their stories feature and put a dramatic halt to what looked like a growing platform. 

It was speculated that after Kylie put out a tweet saying: 

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