Why Jaclyn Hill Cannot Be Trusted!

Jaclyn dear, do me a favor and KEEP THOSE LIPSTICKS to yourself! 

I think at this point the verdict is in..... Jaclyn Hill cannot be trusted, and your lipsticks are as safe as rubbing moldy bread on 'em.... OMG EWWWW!!!! After Darmageddon 2, it seemed like the general consensus was that the community had become highly toxic and in need of a major shift. No one would have ever predicted that THIS would be the earthquake that would shake up the community once again but let's face it honey, we're SHOOK!

Unfortunately for Jaclyn, this isn't her first time being put through the wringer. The moment the official launch was announced fans were quick to point out this "beauty guru" titans checkered past in collaborations with other companies such as, Becca Cosmetics, and Morphe. As the launch date crept closer and closer many people were on the edge of their seats waiting to hear the general response.. some fans were extremely hopeful while others remained understandably cautious. 

Critics were quick to point out odd coincidences while others recalled her countless promises that the brand would be released soon... despite the 5 years it took for her to actually get things off the ground! Were these lipsticks just a leftover collab from the Morphe Vault collection or were these actual products Jaclyn had developed herself; and why was production pushed back so many times when on numerous occasions Jaclyn herself claimed they would be available in no time?

FLASH FORWARD TO THE ACTUAL LAUNCH DATE: As floods of adoring fans began to make purchases on her site, many people claimed that there were problems with being able to checkout. Between items quickly becoming "out of stock" and customers being kicked off the site while attempting to checkout, most people hoped that THESE would be the only setbacks but, sadly things got worse! Beauty guru's like: Raw Beauty Kirsti even expressed their grief, proving that no one was exempt from the chaos! 

Although Jaclyn attempted to address this problem via twitter, informing Kristi and other beauty gurus that their PR packages would be on the way, people began to wonder just who was in charge of this calamity?!?! Over the last few years as more and more companies have geared up to launch thousands of products each month we've began to see a pattern in how most launches are expected to go: 

-Trend Mood: makes some announcement on instagram.

-Companies proceed to roll out PR: to top beauty gurus to review on their channels and subsequently gain momentum. 

-Release date rolls around: and hopefully products are sold as a result.

knowing this, most people were very confused as to why the PR boxes were not released ahead of time and speculations of "damage control" began to ring true the moment customers received their (broken/melted/hairy/moldy *allegedly*) lipsticks! "Was Jaclyn trying to cover up the fact that these lipsticks were low quality"? Thousands of people began to speculate that the reason she didn't send PR and the reason she did her swatch video so far away from the camera was because SHE KNEW the products were no good to begin with, and were likely to get negative reviews from her counterparts.

The situation continued to get worse as more and more customers expressed their dissatisfaction with the quality of their products. A plethora of pictures began to surface online showing imbedded hairs, fibers, holes, and strange balls. One customer who had perviously uploaded a comment on twitter expressing her excitement over her lipsticks, realized after one day of use that the performance was OFF! When she went on to twitter to directly ask Jaclyn about what she noticed was a problem, Jaclyn abruptly blamed the customer for not knowing how to use lipstick correctly and having dry lips!! 


Although this girl began to get verbal attacks from Jaclyn stans, hundreds of people recognized that she wasn't at fault and that Jaclyn Hill being a supposed "business woman", should have known better regarding her lack of professionalism. Much to everyones surprised the situation had avalanched! More and more pictures and videos were being released everyday while Jaclyn and her team remained silent. It wasn't until she came out with her claim about white gloves being the cause of most fibers being found in lipsticks, that the drama exploded! 

Brand owners and makeup veterans like Marlena Stell (of Makeup Geek), Jen Gerard (of Gerard Cosmetics), and Emmy Award winning makeup artist (and cosmetic developer) Kevin James Bennett, all called Jaclyn's bluff and began to explain their reasonings as well as speaking on their 1st hand experiences with Jaclyn regarding her character and her continuous lying. 

Jaclyn has since put out several statements to large news publications and has even recorded a video to address some of the backlash (which didn't go over well). At this point it is hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel for Jaclyn Cosmetics as her faults have karmically eclipsed her successes. All we can do at this point is sit back, strap in, and hope for the best as we continue to watch this unfold. 

Do you think Jaclyn knew about these issues all along, or do you believe all Jaclyn Hill launches are cursed? Leave a comment below, share with a friend & click here to checkout the store for beauty products and MORE!! 


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